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Concert to Benefit Students with Learning Disabilities

Lake Michigan Academy is proud to announce that tickets are now available for Pianomen: A Tribute to Billy Joel and Elton John, their 2019 Scholarship Benefit Concert featuring Kelly Carey.

About the Show Originally produced back in 2011, Pianomen: a Tribute to Billy Joel and Elton John has sold out theaters in Grand Rapids and beyond. Featuring a lineup of Grand Rapids’ finest local talent, this is an evening honoring two of the most iconic musical talents of all time. Featuring songs like “Tiny Dancer”, “New York State of Mind”, “Your Song”, “Crocodile Rock”, “Moving Out”, “Only the Good Die Young”, and many more!

Award-winning singer and actress, Kelly Carey returns for Lake Michigan Academy’s 3rd annual Scholarship Benefit Concert. In addition to her career in musical theater, Kelly is also a celebrated concert soloist and has headlined her own shows on Norwegian and Celebrity cruise lines. Most recently, she appeared in Into The Woods at Circle Theater and Next to Normal at Actors…
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2018-2019 Salmon Hatchery Update

December 2018

We started with 200 fish and lost 71, we now have 129 fish. We will start feeding them when their sacs are gone. --Cassie
Our salmon are looking good and getting bigger each week. They have their egg sacs on them. Their egg sacs are tan and their bodies and tails are gray. --Porter
There are 129 fish in the tank. They have gray bodies and an orange sac. If they are dead or sick they have a white body. 71 are dead. --Bea
We have lost more salmon than expected at this point, but our remaining salmon are doing well! Some are very active and fast, trying to swim up to the top of the tank. They are fun to watch! Our goal is to release at least 100 healthy salmon in the spring. --Ms. Olson

Salmon in the Classroom at LMA 2018-2019

For more than four years, LMA students have participated in Michigan’s Salmon in the Classroom project. Last year, our elementary students rose to the challenge of taking over the "LMA Hatchery" and  forged a  relationship with the Grand Rapids Steelheaders Association. 
Mr. Strek and the Steelheaders helped LMA students with their Salmon release last spring and attended LMA’s field day with some simulation activities. 

This fall,  through this partnership,  the LMA Hatchery received a new tank for continuing their work! 

What Middle School Students Think We Should Share

Researchers have been exploring the concepts of language disorders since the the early 1800's. The term learning disability first appeared in the work of Sam Kirk in an article in Educating Exceptional Children in1962. In 1977, students with learning disabilities were included as a category for special education through the Education for All Handicapped, or Public Law 94-142. Over the past four decades, there have been five revisions to the law(s) related to special education and volumes of research projects within the education and medical fields completed to help us better understand this group of individuals. Research has answered some questions and has created many more. The one thing that we know for sure is that even after four decades, we have a long way to go in helping people understand what a learning disability is and what it is not.

"Everyone has a story. Everyone has something that makes them unique and who they are." - Stephanie, Roadtripper from Being You

Being Understood Event for LD Awareness

“I really feel like if I had someone saying, ‘You know, this isn’t weird,’ that would be really good. That’s one reason I’m doing this. I really want to be OK with who I am.”       - Nicole
Stephanie, Nicole, and Noah, are three young adults with learning and attention issues. Roadtrip Nation, and the Oak Foundation partnered to send Stephanie, Nicole and Noah on a road trip across the United States to interview professionals with learning and attention issues who have persevered through challenge to create fulfilling careers. The documentary of their journey is titled Being You and we are exited to share their stories as part of our awareness work this month. 

After the film, stay to join in the discussion about the benefits of viewing the world in a different way and learn more about how to work with the learning differences and strengths of people in your life. 

For more about this event, visit To join in the conversation and increase awareness i…

Actions of a Hero Powered by LD

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. - Christopher ReeveStudents with learning and attention issues are much more likely than their peers to repeat a grade, get suspended and drop out. Individuals with learning and attention issues also struggle in the workplace and have high rates of involvement with the criminal justice system. But, as the latest State of Learning Disabilities report from the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) illustrates, this "downward spiral" can be prevented with appropriate academic and emotional support.

Individuals with learning and attention issues have to work harder than an average person just to power through the day. Recognizing and honoring the strength it takes to do that is one of the most powerful types of emotional support we can provide to help individuals with learning and attention issues be successful. 

Survey data in the NCLD report revealed th…

Powered by Learning Disabilities

Most people are quite familiar with the following companies:  VirginTurner BroadcastingHewlett-PackardAppleTommy HilfigerKinko'sCiscoJet BlueCharles SchwabIKEAFordCheckFree Most people understand that these companies were founded by valuable individuals of society.  What most people might not know is that each of these companies was founded by CEOs who have a learning disability like dyslexia or ADHD. Each of these leaders learned to accept their challenges and not be held back by them. They became innovators, business owners, designers and leaders. These business were successful because they are "powered" by individuals with learning and attention issues.

A Community Challenge
Learning and attention issues impact 1 in 5 individuals. Students with learning disabilities make up the largest population of students receiving special education services. Even so, learning and attention issues are still widely misunderstood (State of LD: Understanding Learning and Attention Iss…