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Sunday, April 22, 2018

2018 Scholarship Benefit Concert

A great big thank you to Kelly Carey, LMA parent and Grand Rapids based singer extraordinaire, for volunteering again for a 2018 Scholarship Benefit Concert.

2017 Rise! Concert

Last year's theme was Rise! and featured songs by artists who overcame challenges just as our students work to overcome their learning and/or attention issues everyday. Artists like John Lennon. We have four segments of last years' concert so, we'll start out our pre-concert series of highlights with the mellow sounds of the Beatles tune Blackbird.

As Kelly states at the end of this gorgeous performance, "enough of this sappy stuff. Let's get funky!". This year's concert is Funkytown: Music of the 70's by The Hip Pocket, the Midwest's Premier Funk/R&B Horn Band, along with special guest Kelly Carey on Tuesday, June 5 at 7 pm at the Wege Center at Aquinas College (cocktail hour at 6 pm).

Stay tuned for more information on tickets, sponsorship and/or volunteer opportunities!

You can view or share Blackbird or the other three segments from last year's concert through the 2017 Rise! Scholarship Fundraiser Playlist on the Lake Michigan Academy YouTube Channel. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Inspiring with Poetry

Mrs. Petty's English classes have been working more with poetry. Students selected a title with meaning to him/her. The first letters of each line spell out their titles. 

Here a few they have shared: 

by Morgan

Notice the future dreams in your life
Explore all the possibilities in your life
Value what you have now and then make it better
Empower someone who needs it
Reach your fullest dreams

Snowfall, rainfall, leaves falling, hail falling
Twinkle the star light in the night sky
Open the wonder
Ponder your day and see what you could have done differently

Draft a plan that involves your goals
Resemble your best dreams
Embrace what life gives you and make it better
Always take care of people less fortunate than you
Make your mark so people remember you that way
Ingredients are your personality
Nurse your mind and body to keep you healthy
Gamble with your dreams, a reward will come out of it

by Colby

Persevere until the very end
Always try your best
Inspirational love from everyone around you
Never give up

Make your parents happy
Accept who you are and move on.
Know and learn from your mistakes
Earn your rewards and be happy
Set up your goals and achieve them.

Prepare for your life ahead of you.
Explain why life is hard
Overall life is hard, but what can you do about it?
Pledge to one who is control of this world.
Live life the way you want to.
Everyday in life, you can change yourself.

Change is difficult but it is part of life.
Hit the difficult roads of life to be a better person.
Appear to the world as a wonderful person.
Nail down the things you want to accomplish in life.
Go down the right path and never leave it.
Everlasting your life will be.

by Christian

Know your power
Enjoy the little things
Expand your knowledge
Perceive the good
Intuitively communicate
Think bigger

Remain in control
Expand your beliefs
Anticipate it right
Love yourself and the world.

by Mason

Clear eye see the truth not distorted
Open your mind
Never give up
Quitting is not an ending
Unnamed victory is still victory
Even in a eclipse there's still light
Rebuilt ready revolt rise revolution

Flourish despite despair
Endure until the time to strike
A time burner will get nowhere
Resist giving in

Engrave bravery into your morning routine
Vanish fear like darkness in the morning sky
Everyone know fear is powerless in a brave heart
Results only happen if you try
Yielding is not an option

Day will pass so make the most of it
A strong will can go anywhere
Yellow can discred your will shining and pure

Thursday, March 22, 2018

LMA Mysteries

Another part of our Reading Month celebrations was celebrating our own LMA Authors!

This week, we're sharing a series of the "teasers" from the mystery stories they crafted as part of their "Art of Investigation" work with Mr. Schaafsma and Officer Gady.

Case of the Missing Lego Guy - by Porter
A lego guy was missing and the only clue was a hat on the floor. What would a real detective do? Can we find another clue in time?

The Pod - a mystery by Joe
The Daily News reported that a pod racer was wrecked by an unknown suspect, but our detective wasn't buying that story - until a man came in and asked for help. Will our detective find the pod racer before someone else gets hurt?
Case of the Missing Lego Car - by Avery
Whose muddy footprints were leading to the basement? Better call the Super Mystery Solver to investigate!

The Copper Mystery - by Matiss
One day, Copper Caburn noticed that half of their copper was missing! Who was the culprit? How could the Sheriff stop war from breaking out between Copper Caburn and Copper Country?

Case of the Missing Cat - by Cassie
Cassie came home one afternoon to find that her precious cat was missing. The only clues are a couple of muddy footprints. Will the Police Chief and Commander Chase be able to help Cassie find her?  

Monday, March 19, 2018

Mr. Van Gessel is Reading

We asked our teachers what they're reading. Here's a selection from Mr. Van Gessel for this week's celebration of reading!

What are you reading that you would recommend?

Friday, March 16, 2018

Celebrating Stories for Reading Month

As part of our Reading Month Celebration this year, we asked our Facebook Community and Alumni Group to join in. Thank you to Sarah for sharing!

Have you joined LMA on Facebook yet? 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Art of Community

This winter, LMA has launched a new partnership project through the support of local artist, Rick Schaafsma. Mr. Schaafsma is not only an artist, but he is a retired police officer, who contacted LMA offering to share his time and talents with area students. Very quickly, Mr. Schaafsma developed an admiration for the creativity and perseverance of LMA students and staff through time spent observing and working in some of our afternoon classes.

Mr. Schaafsma has worked on a few specific projects he brought to us with the goals of sharing the positive impacts of police officers in their communities which has also brought in some time with our local Community Officer, Officer Gady.

Mr. Schaafsma, Officer Gady and Mrs. Olson's students recently completed dioramas reflecting the "crime scenes" they recently crafted when writing mystery stories. Be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook Page for story highlights!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Summer Program 2018 Information Now Available

The Lake Michigan Academy Summer Program returns this summer on Mondays - Thursdays from June 18 - July 19 (with days off for the July holiday). This year, the program will run from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm and includes remediation focused instruction in math, reading and writing as well as daily STEM activities and weekly field trips (Thursdays).

Applications and more details are available at the Summer Program Page at